Best Boat Brands

Boston Whaler


When people make a list of the best boat brands, Boston Whaler often makes its way to the top, 

Whether you want to go fishing, cruising, or partying, Boston Whaler vessels let you enter the water with ease and comfort. Its 60-year legacy has crowned it as one of the leading boat manufacturers in the entire world, creating boats often considered unsinkable. 

Boston Whalers come in 38 models, which means you pick and choose the length of your boat, anywhere from 11’ to 42’. Vintage models such as the Boston Whaler Temptation 2500 are revered by boaters everywhere. 

If you plan on someday reselling your boat, it would be a good idea to invest in a BW. Boston Whaler boats tend to hold their resale value better than other boat brands.  



Bertram is a leading boat brand for good reason. Bertram touts exceptional range and excellent build quality, making them a solid, world-class boat brand. If you want a boat with impressive longevity and build, one of the three Bertram models might be for you. 

The Bertram 35, 50, and 61 are continuously upgraded to provide improved performance with each refined iteration. 

Bertram boats have good retention of resale value, so if you enter the market to sell your model, you usually won’t lose much. 



Viking Yachts are amazing luxury vessels. If you can afford the high price tag on a Viking, you can get excellent build quality and performance. Everyone at the marina will turn their heads to appreciate your yacht. 

The Viking motor yachts and fishing boats go from 37’ to 93’ in length. Since they’re an expensive brand that is harder to come by, they tend to have good retail value on the secondary market. 

If you operate a Viking, it’s a good idea to get insurance to ensure you are financially protected. 



Chris-Craft was founded in 1874, making it one of the most established brands in the market today. Its longstanding reputation for producing high-quality watercraft is thanks to its elegant boat designs and reliable boat quality. 

The Chris-Craft Launch 36 is one of the brand’s best-selling models and won Boat of the Year in 2014. It retains a respectable resale value, though not as well as a BW, Bertram, or Viking. 



If you’re looking for a specific type of watercraft, Lund could be the best brand for your money. 

Founded in 1948, Lund provides a great blend of affordability and high-quality designs. It essentially gets the job done. 

From Jon boats, sports-specific vessels, fishing boats, and all the way to pontoon models, Lund offers a plethora of model options. The brand has a reputation for exceptional customer service and satisfaction, so it’s hard to go wrong with a Lund boat. 



In the boating world, Yamaha is famous for its unparalleled range of jet-powered watercraft. This trusted Japanese brand continues to innovate and improve upon its existing build quality and designs.  

Whether you want a specific sports model or a personal watercraft, Yamaha has you covered, since it offers models for every situation, piquing the interest of essentially every boat buyer. 



If this is your first boat, you might want to consider a Bayliner, which is a popular and affordable entry-level boating brand. It is also a favorite of many boaters. If you’re visiting a marina, chances are you’ll see more than a few of these bowriders. 

The Bayliner VR5 Bowrider, which is the brand’s sleek and high-performance flagship model, sets the industry standard for all bowriders. 



Fishing is a favorite pastime of many boaters in Florida. Whether you’re an expert or just getting started at fishing, if it is a fishing boat you desire, a Tracker could be the best for you. 

Tracker is an award-winning brand that produces excellent fishing vessels, dive boats, and party boats. Since it’s dedicated to fishing and utility vessels, it has amassed a loyal following of fishing enthusiasts. 

Tracker gives a 5-year warranty on all of its boat models, which is impressively transferable into the secondary market. 



If you are looking for an offshore fishing boat, look no further. Yellowfin is devoted to getting fishermen the best boats for their money. Yellowfin has 11 boats in their lineup and give fishermen a good variety of boat sizes in their lineup from a 17-foot up to a 42-foot.

Sea Hunt 


Sea Hunt is an American boat brand started in 1995 by a father and son team, Vic and Bubba Roof. Sea Hunt boats are often built to accommodate a family on board. Sea Hunt was started with the goal of making a great boat for a great price. Sea Hunt had been the #1 Saltwater boat company over the past twelve years. 



If you are an angler and want a boat to accommodate you, look no further. Pathfinder builds their boats centered around anglers. Pathfinders are built to do one thing, and that is to help anglers find fish. Pathfinder’s primary design is the bay boat. Pathfinder scrupulously designs their boat to accommodate inshore anglers and nearshore anglers.



Many anglers know that they will get a durable and great fishing boat out of a Mako. Shortly after Mako was launched, they quickly became known for their premium fishing boats. Mako continues to build boats that make your inshore and offshore boating experiences amazing. 

Key West 


Key West boats have a great reputation for durability, value, and safety. Key West offers great prices for any boat one might want. They are known for their value-focused mid-sized boats. Key West boats maintain their durability and value, especially if well maintained. 



Hurricane Boats are the leading boat industry in deck boats. They are known to give people good quality and comfortable rides, all for a reasonable price. Hurricanes are used for many things, including water sports, day cruising, and both saltwater and freshwater fishing. 

Grady White 


Grady White makes superb boats. They are a top boat manufacturer and are very respected for their excellent boats. Grady White presents unusually smooth rides through rough waters. If you're looking for a comfortable boat that provides great safety, look no further than a Grady White.

Does boat insurance cover all types of boats? 

Buying a boat can be both a financial and a sentimental investment. Adequate insurance coverage can go a long way in protecting you and your family, especially since some vessels boast incredibly high price tags.  

Depending on the make and model of your watercraft, a typical boat insurance policy might not cover your needs. 

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