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Written by
Darren Craft

Tower Hill Insurance has been serving Florida homeowners for nearly fifty years, offering robust insurance solutions tailored to the unique environmental and legal landscape of the state. Their comprehensive portfolio includes both residential and commercial property insurance, backed by a solid reputation for reliability and customer service.

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A on Demotech
NAIC Group
Tower Hill Insurance Group
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Tower Hill Insurance Overview

With a financial stability rating of A from Demotech, a strong financial strength rating, and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, the Tower Hill exchange for homeowners insurance stands out as a trustworthy provider. The Tower Hill Insurance exchange team's dedication to providing insurance only to Florida homeowners is further highlighted by its specialized offerings like catastrophic ground cover collapse coverage, essential in a state prone to such events.

  • Established Presence: Nearly 50 years serving only Florida.
  • Financial Stability: Rated 'A' by Demotech.
  • Customer Satisfaction: A+ rating from the BBB.
  • Specialized Offerings: Includes catastrophic ground cover collapse coverage.
  • Accessibility: 24/7 customer portal for easy management.

Tower Hill homeowners insurance team's targeted approach to insurance in Florida allows them to offer policies that are finely tuned to the needs and challenges of the state’s homeowners. This local focus ensures that their products and services are particularly relevant and valuable to Floridian families and business owners. Read on to for a comprehensive Tower Hill Insurance review.

Tower Hill Insurance Products and Packages

Tower Hill Insurance offers a variety of coverage options specifically designed for the unique risks faced by Floridians. Their products range from standard homeowners insurance to more specialized policies, ensuring comprehensive protection against common and uncommon threats alike.

Their offerings include essential homeowners coverages such as Dwelling, Other Structures, and Personal Property, along with valuable additions like Loss of Use and Medical Payments. Tower Hill’s adaptability is shown in their suite of endorsements, which allow homeowners to tailor their policies to meet specific needs.

  • Standard Homeowners Insurance: Covers dwelling, other structures, personal property, and loss of use.
  • Commercial Property Insurance: Protects business properties and their contents.
  • Catastrophic Ground Cover Collapse Coverage: Essential in Florida’s unstable geological landscape.
  • Customizable Endorsements: Enhancements for specific needs, such as fraud protection and water backup coverage.
  • Other Coverages in the Insurance Industry: condo insurance, renters insurance, commercial insurance

Standard Homeowners Insurance

This package covers the physical structure of your home, additional structures on your property, personal belongings, and expenses incurred if your home becomes uninhabitable due to a covered loss. It forms the base of Tower Hill’s residential insurance offerings.

Enhanced Coverage through Endorsements

Tower Hill allows homeowners to enhance their policies with endorsements that cover specific risks like power outage losses, water backup issues, and fraud. This flexibility helps tailor coverage to individual risk profiles and adds significant value to their insurance policies.

Commercial Property Insurance

Designed for business owners in Florida, this package protects commercial buildings and their contents. Coverage can be customized with various endorsements to address specific, business owner-related risks, ensuring broad protection against potential financial losses from property damage or business interruptions.

Tower Hill Prime

Tower Hill Prime has been a key player in providing homeowners insurance specifically tailored to the Florida market. This subsidiary of Tower Hill Insurance Group has built a reputation for offering reliable insurance solutions that cater to a variety of homeowner needs across the state, emphasizing both standard and optional coverages to insure and enhance policyholder security.

  • Tailored to Florida's unique environment
  • Variety of homeowner insurance options
  • Part of the respected Tower Hill Insurance Group

Recent Developments: It's important to note that Tower Hill Prime is preparing to exit the Florida market in 2023 due to the ongoing challenges within the state's property insurance sector. This strategic move is part of a broader adjustment within the company aiming to stabilize its operations and focus on its core offerings.

Tower Hill Signature

Tower Hill Signature is another distinguished subsidiary of the Tower Hill Insurance Exchange, known for its comprehensive approach to homeowner insurance. This branch offers enhanced coverage options that are designed to meet the diverse needs of Florida homeowners, providing a higher level of coverage and additional benefits compared to standard policies.

  • Comprehensive homeowner insurance
  • Enhanced coverage options
  • Part of Tower Hill’s robust network

Current Position: As Tower Hill Prime phases out of the market, this package continues to offer substantial coverage solutions, standing as a strong option among insurance carriers in the insurance industry for Florida residents seeking extensive insurance protection with added benefits.

Tower Hill Preferred

Tower Hill Preferred is insurance carrier designed to cater to a segment of homeowners looking for reliable insurance coverage with a balance of cost-efficiency and comprehensive protection. This subsidiary of Tower Hill Insurance Group focuses on offering enhanced policy options that appeal to a broad range of homeowners in Florida.

  • Balanced coverage solutions
  • Cost-efficient pricing model
  • Reliable claims service

Strategic Focus: This operates with a commitment to providing value and security to its policyholders. It offers a variety of coverage enhancements that allow homeowners to tailor their policies according to their specific needs, making it a preferred choice for those seeking robust insurance solutions without overextending their budgets.

Tower Hill Insurance Exchange Premiums

Tower Hill Insurance offers competitively priced premiums for homeowners in Florida, providing affordable rates that are generally below the state and national averages. Their policies are particularly appealing due to their broad coverage options, which cater to a range of needs from standard to high-value homes. Additionally, Tower Hill's ability to bundle home and flood insurance offers a convenient solution for Floridian homeowners facing diverse environmental risks.

Despite Tower Hill's attractive pricing, it's important for potential policyholders to consider the specific coverage they need, as premiums can vary widely depending on the property's value and the chosen coverage limits. Tower Hill' websiteprovides an easy-to-use online quote system, allowing for quick estimation of premium costs, which can aid homeowners in budgeting and comparing insurance options efficiently.

  • Competitive Rates: Tower Hill's premiums are noted for being 50% lower than the national average, with costs such as $1,128 annually for $300,000 in dwelling coverage.
  • Customizable Coverage: Options range from basic to comprehensive, affecting the premium cost.
  • Bundling Discounts: Combining home and flood insurance can provide cost savings and simplify claims processing.

Tower Hill's premiums reflect a strong commitment to offering value through affordable and flexible insurance solutions tailored for the unique risks savings opportunities faced by Floridian homeowners​​​​​​​​​​​​.

Tower Hill Insurance Group Discounts and Offers

Tower Hill Insurance offers several discounts aimed at reducing premiums for their policyholders. These discounts are particularly focused on home safety features and responsible homeowner behaviors. Potential savings are significant for those who qualify, emphasizing Tower Hill's commitment to both affordability and safety.

  • Fire Protection Discount: Available for homes equipped with smoke detectors, fire alarms, or a sprinkler system.
  • Security System Discount: Reductions for homes with burglar alarms that are monitored centrally.
  • Claims-Free Discount: Discounts for homeowners who have not filed a claim in a certain period.
  • New Home Discount: Offers lower rates for newer constructions, which typically feature safer building materials and modern designs.
  • Roof Age Discount: Incentives for homes with newer roofs, reflecting lower risk of leaks or damages.
  • Multi-Policy Discount: Additional savings when combining home insurance with other policies like flood or auto insurance from Tower Hill.

These discounts reflect Tower Hill’s approach to encouraging and rewarding risk-reducing measures among its customers, which can lead to more sustainable insurance practices and lower overall costs for the insured​​​​.

Tower Hill Homeowners Insurance Customer Service

Tower Hill Insurance is recognized in the insurance industry for its robust customer service infrastructure, which prioritizes accessibility and user-friendliness. They provide a 24/7 online portal that enables customers to manage their policies, file claims, make complaints and access insurance information conveniently from anywhere at any time.

  • Tower Hill Exchange General Customer Service Phone Number: 352-332-8800
  • Claims Phone Number: 800-342-3407

Eligibility & Underwriting Requirements

To qualify for homeowners insurance with Tower Hill, applicants must meet specific eligibility criteria that reflect the unique insurance landscape of Florida. These requirements are designed to ensure that both the insurer and the homeowners are well-protected against common risks in the region.

  • Florida Residency: Applicants must reside in Florida as Tower Hill only provides coverage within the state.
  • Property Inspection: Depending on the age and condition of the home, a property inspection might be required to assess risks.
  • Proof of Ownership: Documentation proving ownership of the property is necessary.
  • Claim History: Applicants may need to provide their claim history from previous insurers.
  • Mortgage Details: If the property is mortgaged, details of the mortgage lender and their requirements might be necessary.

Documents Required

When applying for homeowners insurance with Tower Hill, several documents are typically required to process your application. These documents help verify your eligibility and ensure the accuracy of your insurance coverage.

  • Proof of Identity: Such as a driver's license or passport.
  • Proof of Residence: Utility bills or lease agreement.
  • Property Deeds: To confirm ownership.
  • Recent Home Inspection Reports: If applicable, especially for older homes or those in high-risk areas.
  • Previous Insurance Declarations: Documents from past coverage to establish insurance history.
  • Mortgage Lender Information: Documentation related to any existing home loans.

Tower Hill Insurance Application Process

The application process for Tower Hill Insurance is designed to be straightforward and user-friendly, allowing potential policyholders to quickly secure coverage. Interested applicants can begin by requesting a quote online, which involves providing some basic information about their home and insurance needs. This initial step helps determine the type of coverage and the estimated premium cost.

Following the initial quote, applicants are typically guided through a more detailed submission process, which may involve a property inspection and the provision of additional documentation. Tower Hill’s customer service team is available to assist with any questions during the application, ensuring that applicants understand each step and requirement. The company reviews entire process is aimed at providing a tailored insurance solution that meets the specific needs of the homeowner.

For those seeking a more personal lines streamlined experience with professional guidance, Worth Insurance offers personalized assistance in navigating the insurance application process. Contact Worth Insurance today to schedule a consultation and find the best insurance solutions tailored to your needs in Florida.

How to Make a Payment to Tower Hill Insurance

Tower Hill Insurance offers several convenient methods for policyholders to make their insurance payments, ensuring that the process is both flexible and accessible. Customers can choose to pay their premiums online through the Customer Portal, by phone, or by traditional mail. The online portal is particularly user-friendly, providing tools to view invoices, check payment history, and set up automatic payments via credit or debit cards, as well as Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).

For those who prefer a more direct approach, paying by phone is facilitated through a dedicated service number where payments can be made using major credit cards like American Express, Visa, or MasterCard. Alternatively, payments can also be mailed to Tower Hill’s designated postal addresses for standard and overnight deliveries.

  1. Online: Log into the Tower Hill Customer Portal, where you can manage your policy and payments. You can set up automatic payments for convenience.
  2. By Phone: Call 800-342-3407 to make a payment directly with assistance from a customer service representative.
  3. By Mail: Send your payment to Tower Hill Insurance Group, P.O. Box 947001, Atlanta, GA 30394-7001 for standard mail. For overnight payments, use the address: Tower Hill Insurance Group Lockbox Services, Lockbox Number #0947001, 3585 Atlanta Ave, Hapeville, GA 30354.

How to File a Claim with Tower Hill Insurance

Filing a claim with Tower Hill Insurance is designed to be a straightforward process, accommodating the urgency that often accompanies homeowners' insurance claims. Policyholders have the option to file claims online through the Customer Portal, which is accessible 24/7, allowing for immediate submission and the ability to track the status of the claim continuously. This online method is complemented by direct phone support for those preferring or needing to speak with a representative directly.

For those who encounter issues or lack internet access, Tower Hill provides a customer service number to assist with the claims process. This ensures that all policyholders can access the necessary data and services to initiate their claims without delays, regardless of their circumstances or preferences.

  1. Online Submission: Log into the Tower Hill Customer Portal and click on the “File a Claim” button. Here, you can also upload any pertinent documents or photos related to the claim.
  2. By Phone: Call Tower Hill directly at 800-342-3407 to file your claim over the phone. This method is useful for immediate assistance and for those who prefer personal interaction.
  3. Documentation: Whether filing online or by phone, have all necessary documentation ready, such as photos of the damage, police reports if applicable, and any other relevant information that can support your claim.

Tower Hill Insurance Company Pros and Cons

Evaluating Tower Hill Homeowners Insurance involves a careful consideration of both its strengths and weaknesses. This balanced approach helps potential clients understand what to expect in terms of service quality and coverage options. Below is a concise list of pros and cons that encapsulate the primary aspects of Tower Hill Insurance.


  • Competitive pricing
  • Customizable policies
  • Strong local knowledge
  • Online claim filing
  • Comprehensive coverage


  • Limited to Florida
  • Few discounts
  • Average customer reviews
  • No auto insurance
  • Recent downgrades

Who It's For: Tower Hill Insurance is licensed insurance agent ideal for Florida homeowners seeking affordable, tailored insurance solutions that cater specifically to the unique environmental and legal demands of the state. It is especially beneficial for those requiring comprehensive property coverage and local expertise.

Wrapping Up This Tower Hill Insurance Review

Tower Hill Insurance offers a specialized suite of products that cater effectively to the needs of Florida homeowners. With a focus on affordability, flexibility, and local expertise, they stand out as a solid option for those residing in the Sunshine State. If you're looking for personalized insurance solutions that understand the nuances of Florida's property risks, Tower Hill is good insurance company worth considering.

Ready to explore your options with Tower Hill Insurance or need guidance finding the perfect coverage for your home? Contact Worth Insurance today for expert advice and tailored insurance solutions that meet your needs and budget.

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Written by
Darren Craft
Writer, Insurance
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tower Hill Insurance's average claim response time frame?

According to Tower Hill Insurance, a claims representative will reach out to you within one business day after you file your claim. The representative will then give you an estimated time of how long your claim will take to be resolved.

What is Tower Hill Insurance's claims process?

You can file a claim either through their online 24/7 availability customer portal or call them by phone at +1-800-342-3407 for residential property insurance. Once a claim has been filed, you can expect a Tower Hill representative agent to respond to you within one business day. 

Does Tower Hill Insurance have good homeowners insurance?

Tower Hill offers a good amount of standard insurance options and endorsements that can grant you the additional protection you and your family are looking for. The online customer portal makes it easy for.

What is Tower Hill Insurance's customer service availability?

Tower Hill Insurance customer service can be reached through email or phone. Their Contact Page details the company’s various addresses and forms of contact.  

Does Tower Hill Insurance create a user-friendly experience for customers?

Tower Hill Insurance has received a number of complaints from customers who have experienced trouble, such as it being difficult to cancel policies or having their claims accepted. On the other hand, some customers have also reported that the company resolves claims with great kindness and efficiency.

Is Tower Hill Insurance a good insurance company?

Tower Hill Insurance seems to be a solid insurance provider option if you need residential homeowners insurance. However, due to one of the Tower Hill Group’s subsidiaries canceling its policies in Florida and preparing to leave the market, 

Getting a quote for any insurance can be a difficult and uncertain process on your own. Shopping insurance is much easier with an advisor who has your back. You can always connect with our team at Worth Insurance to see whether there are better coverage options for you.