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Orange Insurance Exchange, established in 2023, is a dedicated provider of residential property insurance exclusively in the Florida property insurance market. With a robust selection of insurance packages, Orange tailors coverage to meet diverse needs, from basic to comprehensive protections, ensuring homeowners are well-prepared for the unpredictable Florida weather.

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Orange Insurance Exchange Overview

As a reciprocal insurer in the Florida insurance market, Orange emphasizes community and mutual benefit, operating with the assurance that all property insurance policyholders are both a member and a co-insurer. Their strategic partnerships with industry leaders in claims management bolster their commitment to providing exceptional service during times of need.

  • Established in 2023, exclusively serving the Florida property insurance market with a coastal property insurance underwriting.
  • Offers a range of packages: Standard, Valencia, and Plus.
  • Rated A by Demotech and BBB by KBRA.
  • Partners with Cabrillo Coastal and Harbor Claims for expert claims management.
  • Member of the Tower Hill insurance group.
  • Orange insurance managers are incredibly helpful in their Florida office and follow insurance regulation.

Orange's innovative approach in the Florida property insurance market combines modern insurance solutions with a member-focused model. This structure not only enhances their ability to provide tailored, affordable coverage but also aligns their operations closely with the interests and needs of Florida homeowners, promising a stable and responsive insurance experience.

Orange Insurance Products and Packages

Orange Insurance Exchange offers a versatile range of insurance packages designed to cater to the diverse needs of Florida homeowners. Each package is constructed to provide varying levels of protection, from essential coverage to extensive policies that include cutting-edge features for comprehensive security.

With options for standard, intermediate, and premium coverage, Orange enables homeowners to select the ideal level of protection based on their specific circumstances and risk exposure. This flexibility ensures that all homeowners, regardless of their insurance budget or property type, can find suitable coverage.

  • Replacement Cost Coverage for dwelling and personal property.
  • Personal Liability Coverage options up to $500,000.
  • Specialized coverage add-ons like Cyber and Equipment Breakdown (upcoming).
  • Access to a broad network of skilled independent agents and new insurance coverage options unlike other claims services companies.
  • CEO Michael Mcnitt insurance industry veteran and offers alternative property insurance options.
  • Easy to reach with a wide network of affiliated managing general agency.

Standard Package

The Standard package offers fundamental insurance coverage, including actual cash value for personal property and a basic level of personal liability. It's designed for homeowners seeking essential protection without the added costs of optional extras.

Valencia Package

Orange's Valencia package increases coverage limits and includes perks like Replacement Cost Coverage for both the dwelling and personal property. It's ideal for those requiring more comprehensive protection against potential losses.

Plus Package

The Plus package is Orange's most comprehensive offering, featuring the highest limits and additional benefits such as Personal Injury and soon-to-be-added Cyber Coverage. This package is tailored for homeowners looking for top-tier security and extensive coverage enhancements.

Orange Insurance Premiums

Orange Insurance Exchange has structured its premiums to be competitive within the challenging Florida market, where insurance rates have been notably high due to increasing risks and market withdrawals by other insurers. As a new entrant with a fresh business model, Orange aims to provide affordable options tailored to the diverse needs of Floridian homeowners.

Orange's pricing is designed to balance affordability with comprehensive coverage, reflecting its commitment to serve as a reliable insurance option in a state prone to natural disasters. The company's partnership with established agencies for claims handling and policy management further underscores its effort to offer value through efficient service and solid coverage.

  • Competitive rates aimed at providing value in a high-cost regional market.
  • Structured payment options to ease the financial burden on homeowners.
  • Plans include a broad roof endorsement, emphasizing affordability in covering common damages​​.
  • Financial operations start strong with a surplus to ensure stability and trust among policyholders​​.

Orange Insurance Discounts and Offers

Orange Insurance Exchange focuses on providing value through a range of discounts and offers that enhance affordability for Florida homeowners. These incentives are designed to make comprehensive home insurance coverage more accessible and to reward responsible property management and ownership.

  • New Homeowner Discounts: Tailored for individuals who have recently purchased a home, encouraging them to choose Orange for their home insurance needs.
  • Claims-Free Discounts: For policyholders who have not filed a claim for a specified period, reflecting Orange's commitment to rewarding careful homeowners.
  • Multi-Policy Bundles: Discounts for customers who bundle their home insurance with other policies, such as auto insurance, enhancing overall savings.
  • Protective Devices Discounts: Offers for homes equipped with security systems, storm shutters, or other protective measures that reduce the risk of damage and loss.

Orange Insurance Customer Service

Orange Insurance Exchange prides itself on offering responsive and effective customer service. By partnering with Cabrillo Coastal and Harbor Claims, Orange ensures that claims handling and policy service are managed with utmost care, especially during critical times such as natural disasters.

Eligibility & Underwriting Requirements

To obtain homeowner insurance from Orange Insurance Exchange, prospective policyholders must meet specific prerequisites designed to streamline the application and ensure mutual responsibility and protection. These requirements foster a strong member-oriented approach, crucial for a reciprocal insurer.

  • Subscribers Agreement: Mandatory for all members to endorse, ensuring a mutual commitment.
  • Financial Disclosure: Disclosure of financial information may be required to assess risk and eligibility.
  • Property Inspection: Required to determine the current state and valuation of the property.
  • Proof of Residency: Necessary to establish eligibility based on Florida residency.

Documents Required

For a smooth and effective application process with Orange Insurance Exchange, applicants are required to provide several key documents. These documents help verify ownership, assess property value, and ensure accurate policy customization.

Essential Documents for Application:

  • Proof of Identity: Such as a driver’s license or passport.
  • Proof of Home Ownership: Includes title deeds or mortgage documents.
  • Recent Home Appraisal Report: To assess the property’s current market value.
  • Detailed Home Inventory: Recommended for accurate personal property coverage.

Orange Insurance Exchange Application Process

Applying for homeowner insurance with Orange Insurance Exchange is designed to be straightforward and user-friendly, reflecting their commitment to accessibility. Prospective policyholders can initiate the application process online, which includes filling out personal and property details, or they can opt for a more personalized service by contacting an agent directly.

Once the initial application is submitted, Orange conducts a property inspection to assess risks and confirm details provided in the application. This step is crucial for determining the appropriate coverage options and premiums. Subsequently, applicants receive a detailed quote, allowing them to review potential costs and coverage before finalizing their insurance agreement.

If navigating insurance applications seems overwhelming, Worth Insurance offers expert guidance through the process. Our agents can assist you in preparing your application and understanding the best coverage options for your needs.

How to Make a Payment with Orange Insurance Exchange

Making a payment to Orange Insurance Exchange is straightforward and can be done online for both installments and renewals, ensuring a convenient process for policyholders. The online payment portal is designed to be user-friendly, allowing customers to manage their payments efficiently without the need for physical paperwork or visits.

After logging into the secure portal, policyholders are guided through a step-by-step process to complete their payments. This system is accessible 24/7, providing flexibility to manage insurance expenses at any convenient time. For those preferring a more personal touch or needing assistance, Orange also offers customer service support through phone or email.

  1. Visit the Online Payment Portal: Access Orange Insurance Exchange's payment portal through their official website.
  2. Login to Your Account: Enter your policy number and other required login credentials.
  3. Select the Payment Option: Choose between installment or renewal payment based on your billing.
  4. Enter Payment Information: Provide your banking or credit card details securely.
  5. Confirm and Submit Your Payment: Review all details for accuracy before final submission to ensure the payment is processed correctly.

How to File a Claim with Orange Insurance Exchange

Filing a claim with Orange Insurance Exchange is designed to be a clear and straightforward process, ensuring that policyholders can efficiently manage their claims during stressful times. The company offers several methods to report a claim, allowing customers to choose the one that best suits their needs, whether it's immediate assistance or detailed claim management.

Once a policyholder experiences a loss, they can initiate the claim process immediately, thanks to the 24/7 availability of the claim reporting services. Orange emphasizes rapid response, understanding the urgency often associated with property insurance claims. This quick and efficient filing procedure is part of Orange's commitment to provide reliable support when it's most needed.

  1. Contact by Phone: You can report a claim by calling their dedicated claim service number at 1-866-896-7233. This line is available 24/7.
  2. Email: Send an email to with your policy details and a brief description of the loss.
  3. Online Form: Complete the online claim form available on their website. This can be accessed anytime and is designed to guide you through providing all necessary information.
  4. Documentation: Prepare and submit any required documentation, such as photos of the damage, police reports (if applicable), and a detailed description of the incident.
  5. Follow-Up: After submitting your claim, a claims represent

Orange Insurance Exchange Pros and Cons in the Florida Property Insurance Market

When considering Orange Insurance Exchange, it's essential to weigh both the advantages and limitations. This helps ensure that the insurance coverage aligns with your specific needs. Below, find a concise list of pros and cons to aid in evaluating Orange's offerings.


  • Comprehensive coverage options
  • Efficient 24/7 claim service
  • Partnerships with experienced agencies
  • Flexible payment methods
  • Strong financial stability
  • Strong track record like other insurance operating businesses


  • Newly established company
  • Limited customer reviews
  • Coverage limited to Florida
  • Basic online functionalities
  • Potential initial growing pains

Who It's For: Orange Insurance Exchange is ideal for Florida homeowners seeking robust property insurance solutions tailored to the unique challenges of the state's climate and market conditions. It's especially suited for those who appreciate a reciprocal insurance model with a focus on mutual benefits.

Wrapping Up: What's it Like for the Florida Insurance Market?

As you consider the merits of a new market entrant like Orange Insurance Exchange for your property insurance needs in Florida, remember that the right insurer is not just about the immediate benefits but also about long-term security and support. Orange offers a new alternative, promising an option with the producer's national corporation and its robust coverage tailored for Florida's unique environment and its commitment to member-centric service.

If you're looking for more personalized advice or need further assistance to navigate your insurance options, Worth Insurance is here to help. Explore our comprehensive services and let us guide you towards the best coverage that not only meets your needs but also provides peace of mind with industry leading talent. Visit Worth Insurance today to get started with a trusted partner who understands your insurance needs. Our team work with an attorney in fact, our claims handling services come with provided legal advice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of properties does Orange Insurance cover?

Orange Insurance offers coverage for a variety of property types including single-family homes, condominiums, townhouses, and rental properties within Florida, catering to both primary and secondary residences.

Can I bundle different insurance types with Orange?

While Orange primarily focuses on property insurance, they offer the potential for discounts when bundling different policies such as auto and home insurance, enhancing overall savings and convenience for policyholders.

Is there a mobile app available for managing my policy?

As of now, Orange Insurance Exchange has not specified the availability of a mobile app for policy management. Policyholders are encouraged to manage their accounts through the online portal or contact customer service for assistance with their policies.

Does Orange Insurance provide flood insurance?

Yes, Orange Insurance Exchange plans to offer flood insurance as an add-on to their standard homeowners' policies. This is particularly beneficial for Florida residents in flood-prone areas.

How does Orange handle claims during hurricanes?

Orange Insurance Exchange has partnered with experienced agencies like Cabrillo Coastal and Harbor Claims to ensure efficient and effective claims handling, especially in the aftermath of hurricanes and other natural disasters, ensuring swift response times and support.