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Written by
Darren Craft

Edison Insurance Company, founded in 2005, Edison Insurance Company offer Florida residents with tailored homeowners and condo insurance solutions. With a focus on the unique risks posed by the Florida climate, including hurricanes and floods, Edison crafts policies that are specific to the needs of its customers. This specialization allows for abetter business more personalized approach to homeowner insurance.

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903 NW 65th Street, Suite 200, Boca Raton, FL 33487
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Edison Insurance Company Overview

This carrier is noted for its competitive edge in the local market, primarily due to its concentrated expertise in Florida's insurance landscape. Although Edison operates only within Florida, it has developed a strong understanding of the regional intricacies that affect insurance needs, which enhances its ability to provide customized and effective coverage solutions for Floridians.

  • Founded: 2005, with a focus on Florida.
  • Specialization: Homeowners and condo insurance.
  • Ratings: "A+" by the Better Business Bureau and "A" financial stability rating (Exceptional) by Demotech.
  • Customer Rating: 4/5 Edison Insurance review from customers.
  • Market: Exclusively Florida.
  • Covers personal property replacement cost, medical payments, and good homeowners insurance.

Edison’s focused approach on a single state allows it to deliver highly specialized and competitive insurance products tailored to meet the unique challenges of Florida residents. Their high rating and strong ratings from the Better Business Bureau and Demotech reflect a reliable financial stability and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Edison Insurance Company Products and Packages

Edison Insurance Company focuses exclusively on residential insurance, offering comprehensive homeowners and condo owners insurance. Their products are designed to address the specific needs of Florida homeowners, covering typical hazards such as hurricanes, floods, and other regional risks, which ensures relevant and adequate protection.

The company’s offerings are straightforward, allowing for easy understanding and customization of policies. This user-friendly approach enables customers to tailor their insurance coverage according to their individual needs and risk profiles, which enhances the overall value and effectiveness of the insurance they purchase.

  • Homeowners Insurance: Covers home structure, personal possessions, liability, and additional living expenses.
  • Condo Owners Insurance: Tailored to the unique needs of condo owners, covering interior structures, personal property, and liability.
  • Customizable Options: Policy enhancements for comprehensive coverage including flood insurance.

Homeowners Insurance

This package provides robust protection for your home's structure, personal belongings, and offers liability coverage. It helps homeowners manage financial risks associated with damage from natural disasters, theft, and accidents within the property. Additional living expenses are also covered if the home becomes uninhabitable.

Condo Owners Insurance

Specifically designed for condo owners, this package includes coverage for interior structures like walls and permanent fixtures, personal property within the condo, personal liability, and liability in case of accidents occurring in the condo space. It caters to the specific insurance needs that differ from typical homeowners policies.

Flood Insurance

Offered as an add-on to standard policies, this coverage is crucial for Florida residents. It protects against the damage from flooding, which is not typically covered under standard homeowner or condo insurance policies. Essential for those in flood-prone areas to ensure full protection of their property.

Edison Insurance Company Premiums

Edison Insurance Company provides homeowners insurance tailored to the specific needs of Florida residents, focusing on coverage for risks such as hurricanes and floods, which are prevalent in the state. Premiums for homeowners insurance in Florida generally are higher compared to the national average due to the high risk of natural disasters and litigation costs, which insurers pass on to consumers.

Given the challenging insurance market in Florida, Edison's premiums are designed to balance affordability with comprehensive coverage. While specific premium amounts for Edison are not publicly detailed, the average cost of homeowners insurance in Florida is about $2,625 annually, which is considerably higher than the national average. This reflects the heightened risk factors associated with insuring homes in a state frequently impacted by hurricanes​​​​.

  • Homeowners insurance rates in Florida are significantly higher than the national average due to environmental and legal risks.
  • Edison Insurance tailors its premiums to provide value while addressing the specific needs and risks of Florida homeowners.
  • Potential policyholders should consult directly with Edison or an insurance agent for specific premium quotes, as individual costs can vary based on the home's location, construction type, and coverage options.

Edison Insurance Company Discounts and Offers

Edison Insurance Company provides a range of discounts to help Florida homeowners manage their insurance costs effectively. These discounts are designed to reward customers for making safety-oriented choices and for reducing risks that could lead to insurance claims.

  • Wind Mitigation Discounts: For homes with features that reduce damage during high winds, such as storm shutters or reinforced roofing.
  • Home Safety Features: Discounts for homes equipped with burglar alarms, smoke detectors, and other safety installations.
  • Multi-Policy Discounts: Savings may be available for customers who bundle multiple insurance policies, such as combining home and auto insurance.

Edison Insurance Company Customer Service

Edison Insurance Company strives to provide efficient customer service with several contact options to assist policyholders promptly. Their services include comprehensive online claims processing and accessible agent support. However, customer reviews are mixed, indicating some satisfaction with quick responses, but also frustrations regarding claim resolution and service quality.

  • Phone Support: Contact them at (888) 683-7971 for direct assistance.
  • Online Claims Reporting: Available 24/7 through their website to facilitate easy claims submission.
  • Customer Reviews: Mixed feedback highlights both positive interactions and areas needing improvement.

Eligibility & Underwriting Requirements

When applying for a homeowners insurance policy with Edison Insurance, it's essential to understand the prerequisites and documentation needed to ensure a smooth application process. Edison Insurance requires thorough inspections to identify any potential risks or issues with the property, ensuring all safety measures are up to date and compliant with their policy standards.

  • Home Inspection: A complete inspection of the home is mandatory to identify risk factors and ensure compliance with safety standards.
  • Risk Assessment: Edison may assess the location and condition of the property for potential natural disaster risks, like floods or hurricanes.
  • Compliance with Local Laws: Properties must comply with local building codes and regulations.

Documents Required

For a successful application with Edison Insurance, several key documents must be submitted. These documents help the insurance provider verify ownership, assess the property's value, and ensure all information is accurate.

  • Proof of Ownership: Such as a deed or mortgage agreement.
  • Property Appraisal: Recent appraisal documents to establish the current value of the property.
  • Detailed Home Inventory: For personal property coverage, a detailed list of home contents and their estimated value.

Application Process for Edison Insurance Homeowners Policy

Applying for a homeowners insurance policy with Edison Insurance involves a detailed process to ensure that both the property and the owner meet the good insurance company that’s coverage standards. Initially, applicants need to provide accurate and comprehensive information about their property, including its location, age, construction details, and any security measures installed. This is crucial for risk assessment and determining the insurance premium.

Following the initial submission, Edison Insurance typically requires a home inspection to confirm the details provided and assess any potential risks associated with the property. This step is vital for finalizing the coverage terms and premium calculation. The entire process is designed to be thorough to ensure that all aspects of risk are appropriately managed and covered.

For those looking for a streamlined approach to navigating the complexities of homeowners insurance, Worth Insuranceoffers expert guidance and personalized service. Our experienced agents can assist you in preparing all necessary documents and ensuring that your application meets all requirements for a successful insurance policy setup.

How to Make a Payment to Edison Insurance Company

Making a payment to Edison Insurance is straightforward and can be done through several convenient methods. To begin, policyholders can opt to make payments online, which is a quick way to handle your premiums without the need to mail in checks or manage cash payments. This online payment gateway supports transactions through a secure portal on the Edison Insurance website.

Here are the steps for making a payment:

  1. Visit the Online Payment Section: Access Edison Insurance's online payment portal via their official website.
  2. Enter Your Policy Details: You'll need your policy number and possibly other personal identification to log in securely.
  3. Choose Your Payment Method: Options typically include bank transfers, credit card, or debit card payments.
  4. Confirm the Payment Amount: Enter the amount you wish to pay, which could be a partial payment, your regular installment, or the full annual premium, depending on your agreement with Edison.
  5. Submit Your Payment: After confirming the details, submit your payment. You should receive a confirmation receipt via email or directly on the website, which you should keep for your records.

Additionally, for those who prefer mailing their payments, Edison provides a standard mailing address as well as an overnight payment address for expedited transactions:

Standard Mail Payment Address:

Edison Insurance Company

P.O. Box 733998

Dallas, TX 75373-3998

Overnight Payment Address:

Edison Insurance Company

JPMorgan Chase (TX1-0029)

Attn: Lockbox 733998

14800 Frye Road, 2nd Floor

Ft Worth, TX 76155

How to File a Claim with Edison Insurance Company

Filing a claim with Edison Insurance is designed to be straightforward, allowing you to quickly manage claims following an incident. The company provides several methods to report a claim, ensuring accessibility and convenience for policyholders.

Initially, you can file your claim online through Edison's customer portal, which is available 24/7, providing an efficient way to start the process without waiting for business hours. Alternatively, you can file a claim over the phone by contacting their claims department directly, which is especially useful if you need to speak with a representative for guidance through the process.

Here are the steps for filing a claim with Edison Insurance:

  1. Prepare Your Information: Have your policy number, the date of the incident, and detailed information about the damage ready.
  2. Report the Claim: You can choose to report your claim online via the Edison Insurance customer portal, call their claims department at 1-888-683-7971, or contact your local agent.
  3. Documentation: It's crucial to document the damage with photos or videos if possible. This will support your claim and provide necessary evidence of the extent of the damage.
  4. Claim Review and Adjustment: After reporting your claim, an Edison Insurance adjuster will be assigned to your case. They will likely contact you to schedule an inspection and review the damages personally.
  5. Follow-Up: Once the assessment is done, the adjuster will review your coverage and the documented damages to determine the settlement amount. They will then guide you through the next steps towards resolving your claim.

Edison Insurance Company Pros and Cons

When evaluating Edison Insurance Company, it's helpful to consider both the advantages and disadvantages that come with their policies. This balanced perspective can aid potential clients in making an informed decision based on their specific needs in Florida's unique, insurance industry landscape.


  • Tailored to Florida
  • 24/7 claims reporting
  • High BBB rating
  • Rapid claim response
  • Strong financial stability


  • Florida only
  • Mixed customer reviews
  • No AM Best rating
  • Limited discount details
  • Complaints about claim handling

Who It’s For: Edison Insurance Company is best suited for homeowners and condo owners in Florida seeking insurance products tailored to the region's specific needs, such as hurricane and flood coverage. Ideal for those valuing local expertise and rapid claims service in the Florida insurance market.

Wrapping Up

Edison Insurance Company create a viable option for those living in Florida, offering specialized coverage that meets the unique demands of the state's weather and geographical challenges. If you're a Florida homeowner or condo owner looking for insurance that's crafted with local expertise and responsiveness in mind, Edison may fit your needs.

However, for those seeking broader options or more personalized insurance advice, consider Worth Insurance. Worth Insurance provides expert guidance offers coverage tailored to your specific circumstances, ensuring you get the coverage that best suits your needs. Explore your options with Worth Insurance today and find tailored solutions that protect what matters most to you.

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Written by
Darren Craft
Writer, Insurance
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Darren Craft is a licensed insurance advisor. He has been an angel investor in a number of prominent fintech and insurtech startups.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Edison Insurance Company's average claim response time frame?

According to customer reviews online, Edison Insurance Company’s claim process is not very customer-friendly. While there is a toll free claims number you can use to file a claim, you may have to wait a certain amount of time before your claims specialist and adjuster will be able to resolve your claim. An adjuster will contact you within 24 hours of filing the claim. Usually, an inspector will then be sent to your home within 72 hours.

What is Edison Insurance Company's claims process?

You can begin filing a claim either online on their website where you need to login to your customer account, or you can call their phone number at (888) 683-7971 and select Option 3 to file a new claim. After that, an insurance representative will typically be sent to your property within 72.

Does Edison Insurance Company have good homeowners insurance?

Edison Insurance Company does not have a good reputation with some of its customers. However, the company does seem to have a good variety of add-ons that can help you stay more protected in case of an emergency on your property. The insurance company does also have an exceptional rating of A with Demotech in terms of Financial Stability Rating (FSR), which means that the company is fiscally sound and has adequate money to settle insured claims.

What is Edison Insurance Company's customer service availability?

Edison Insurance’s customer service can be reached by phone at 1-888-683-7971. 

Does Edison Insurance Company create a user-friendly experience for customers?

Due to the numerous negative reviews that have not received a company response, Edison Insurance Company does not appear to have a very user friendly experience for its policyholders. The company does not clarify what discounts it may have.

Is Edison Insurance Company a good insurance company?

Edison Insurance Company may be an insurance option you can consider if you’re living in the state of Florida and are seeking homeowners insurance. Our team at Worth Insurance can help you determine what company might be your best choice.