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Southern Oak Insurance caters specifically to the needs of Florida homeowners, offering tailored insurance solutions that address the unique challenges of living in the Sunshine State. With a focus on providing comprehensive coverage, Southern Oak equips homeowners with the tools they need to protect their most valuable asset—their home.

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Southern Oak Insurance Overview

The company is committed to supporting its policyholders through robust customer service options and a variety of policy add-ons that enhance protection. From hurricane mitigation features to identity theft coverage, Southern Oak strives to provide security and peace of mind to every insured homeowner, reflecting their deep understanding of Florida’s insurance landscape.

  • Specialized in Florida homeowners insurance, addressing local needs and risks.
  • Offers a broad range of policies including Homeowners, Renters, Condo, and Rental Property Insurance.
  • Extensive discounts available, such as for hurricane mitigation and modern roofing.
  • Additional coverage options like Identity Theft and Optional Flood Insurance enhance policyholder security.

Southern Oak's dedication to Florida residents is evident in its targeted insurance products and discounts. Their services are designed to provide not just insurance, but a comprehensive safety net that protects against the unique environmental and social challenges Floridians face.

Southern Oak Products and Packages

Southern Oak Insurance offers a diverse range of products designed to meet the specific needs of homeowners in Florida. Their offerings include standard homeowners insurance as well as specialized policies for condo owners, renters, and landlords. This allows residents to select coverage that best suits their property type and lifestyle.

In addition to basic coverage, Southern Oak provides various policy add-ons that extend protection. These enhancements are tailored to address common risks in Florida, such as hurricanes and floods, along with unique concerns like identity theft, showcasing their commitment to comprehensive coverage.

  • Homeowners Insurance
  • Renters Insurance
  • Condo Unit Owners Insurance
  • Rental Dwelling Property Insurance
  • Identity Theft Coverage
  • Hurricane and Flood Coverage Add-ons

Standard Homeowners Policy

The Standard Homeowners Policy from Southern Oak covers all the essentials of home insurance, including dwelling, personal property, liability, and additional living expenses, ensuring that homeowners are protected against a broad range of potential risks.

Premium Packages: Acorn & Canopy Protection

The Acorn and Canopy Protection Packages offer enhanced levels of coverage. These premium options include increased limits on various coverages and additional protections not typically available in standard policies, making them ideal for those seeking more comprehensive insurance solutions.

Optional Flood Policy

Southern Oak’s Optional Flood Policy complements the standard homeowners insurance by providing necessary coverage in the event of flood damage. This is crucial in Florida, where the risk of flooding is significant, and regular homeowners policies do not typically cover flood damage.

Southern Oak Premiums

The cost of homeowners insurance in Florida, including policies offered by Southern Oak, has been on the rise, largely due to the state's high risk of natural disasters like hurricanes and the increasing costs associated with claims and litigation​​​​. As of 2024, the average homeowner in Florida can expect to pay around $2,625 annually, with monthly costs averaging about $219​​. This represents a significant increase over previous years, reflecting the challenging insurance market in the state.

Despite these market-wide increases, Southern Oak Insurance offers competitive pricing tailored to the unique needs and risks faced by Florida residents. They provide a range of homeowner insurance products and emphasize discounts and coverage options that can help mitigate these costs. Their policy offerings are designed to cater to the diverse needs of Florida homeowners, from standard policies to more comprehensive packages that include flood and hurricane damage protections​​​​.

  • Homeowners insurance rates in Florida are rising, with annual averages around $2,625.
  • Southern Oak offers competitive rates tailored to the specific challenges of the Florida market.
  • Discounts and comprehensive coverage options are available to help manage costs.

For more detailed information and to get a specific quote that reflects all available discounts and options, it's advisable to directly contact Southern Oak or visit their website. This will provide the most accurate and tailored information regarding premiums and coverage options.

Southern Oak Discounts and Offers

Southern Oak Insurance provides a variety of discounts aimed at reducing the cost of homeowners insurance for Florida residents. These discounts are designed to reward secure living environments and risk-reducing behaviors, making insurance more affordable for those who invest in safety and security measures for their homes.

  • Hurricane Mitigation Discounts: For homes equipped with wind-resistant features, such as storm shutters or reinforced roofing materials.
  • Roof Discounts: For newer roofs or those made from certain impact-resistant materials that meet specific safety standards.
  • Home Alert Discounts: For homes with installed burglar alarms, fire alarm systems, and water leak detection systems.
  • Electronic Policy Management Discount: For opting to manage insurance documents electronically.
  • Senior/Retiree Discounts: Available to policyholders who are seniors or retirees meeting certain age criteria.
  • Secured Community Discounts: For homes located in gated communities or those with 24-hour security.

These discounts reflect Southern Oak's commitment to supporting homeowners who take proactive steps to protect their properties in a state known for its severe weather conditions and other risks. For more detailed information on qualifying for these discounts, homeowners should contact Southern Oak directly or visit their website.

Southern Oak Customer Service

Southern Oak Insurance is known for its attentive and responsive customer service, crucial for homeowners navigating the complexities of insurance in hurricane-prone Florida. Their team is dedicated to providing timely and efficient support to ensure policyholder satisfaction and trust.

  • Phone: You can reach their customer service team at (877) 900-3971.
  • Email: Specific email addresses aren't listed publicly, but you can use the contact form on their website for email inquiries.
  • Address for Correspondence: Southern Oak Insurance Company, P.O. Box 45-9020, Sunrise, FL 33345-9020.
  • Overnight Mailing Address (Payments & Policy Documents Only): 1560 Sawgrass Corp Pkwy, 4th Floor, Sunrise, FL 33323.
  • Claims Mailing Address: Southern Oak Insurance Company Claims, 830 A1A North, Suite #13-326, Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida 32082.

Eligibility & Underwriting Requirements

To secure homeowners insurance with Southern Oak, applicants must meet certain criteria that reflect the specifics of insuring properties in Florida's unique environment. These prerequisites are designed to ensure both the homeowner and the insurer are adequately protected against common risks.

  • Florida Residency: Applicants must own a home in Florida.
  • Property Inspection: Properties may require an inspection to assess risk factors and eligibility.
  • Compliance with Local Building Codes: Homes must comply with local building codes, especially concerning windstorm protections.

Documents Required

When applying for homeowners insurance with Southern Oak, several documents are required to verify ownership, assess property value, and determine risk factors. These documents help streamline the application process and ensure accurate coverage.

  • Proof of Ownership: Such as a deed or mortgage agreement.
  • Property Details: Including recent tax assessments or a home appraisal.
  • Insurance History: Details of previous homeowners insurance policies and claims history.
  • Personal Identification: Typically a driver's license or state ID.

Application Process for Southern Oak Insurance

Starting your application for homeowners insurance with Southern Oak Insurance involves a straightforward, user-friendly process. Initially, applicants need to provide detailed information about their property, including location, property type, and any relevant safety features or risks. This can typically be done online or directly through an agent, ensuring all necessary details are captured accurately.

The next step often includes a property inspection to confirm details and assess any specific risks associated with the property, ensuring compliance with Florida's building and safety regulations. Once all the information is verified and the inspection is completed, Southern Oak will provide a quote based on the assessed risk and coverage requirements. Upon agreement, the policy can be finalized and activated.

If you're looking for guidance through this process, Worth Insurance is here to assist you. As partners with Southern Oak Insurance, we specialize in simplifying the application process and ensuring that you receive the coverage that best suits your needs. Contact us today for a free quote and expert assistance. Visit Worth Insurance's Contact Page to get started.

How to Make a Payment to Southern Oak Insurance

Making a payment to Southern Oak Insurance is designed to be convenient, with several methods available to suit different preferences. Initially, policyholders can make payments online, which is a straightforward process involving a few simple steps. This can be done through the Southern Oak Insurance website or the policyholder portal, where you can manage your policy details and view payment history.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to making your payment:

  1. Log in to Your Account: Access the Southern Oak policyholder portal at Southern Oak Login. You’ll need your email and password to log in.
  2. Navigate to Payments: Once logged in, locate the payment section where you can view your billing information and due dates.
  3. Choose Your Payment Method: You can pay with a credit or debit card, or set up a direct withdrawal from your bank account.
  4. Enter Payment Information: Fill in the required payment details and confirm the total amount you wish to pay.
  5. Submit Your Payment: Review your payment information for accuracy, then submit your payment.

For those who prefer traditional methods or need to handle specific issues, payments can also be mailed to their premium payment mailing address:

  • Regular Mail:
    Southern Oak Insurance
    P.O. Box 45-9020
    Sunrise, FL 33345-9020
  • Overnight Mail (Payments & Policy Documents Only):
    1560 Sawgrass Corp Pkwy, 4th Floor
    Sunrise, FL 33323

For further assistance or to discuss payment options, you can contact Southern Oak’s customer service at (877) 900-3971. They can provide guidance and help resolve any issues you may have with your payment process.

For tailored help and to explore additional insurance options, consider reaching out to Worth Insurance. We offer free quotes and expert advice to make sure you get the best coverage suited to your needs. Visit our contact page to get started.

How to File a Claim with Southern Oak Insurance

Filing a claim with Southern Oak Insurance is designed to be straightforward, ensuring that you can quickly secure the assistance you need in the event of property damage or loss. The first step is always to prioritize safety and prevent further damage where possible, then proceed with the claims process.

  1. Contact Southern Oak or Your Agent: Initiate the claim by either contacting your insurance agent or Southern Oak directly. It's important to do this as soon as possible after the incident to expedite the claims process.
  2. Document the Damage: Take comprehensive photos and notes detailing the damage. This will be crucial for the assessment.
  3. Complete the Claims Form: Fill out the necessary claims documentation provided by Southern Oak. You can find the forms online through the Southern Oak policyholder portal.
  4. Schedule an Inspection: Southern Oak will likely send an adjuster to inspect the damage and assess your claim further.
  5. Review the Claims Adjustment: Once the adjuster has reviewed the damage, Southern Oak will provide you with an estimate of the covered losses.
  6. Claim Resolution: After the assessment and adjustment, Southern Oak will issue a payment for the covered amount, minus any applicable deductible.

Southern Oak Insurance Pros and Cons

Navigating the complexities of homeowners insurance with Southern Oak Insurance offers several benefits and some limitations. Understanding these aspects can help you make an informed decision. Here are the main pros and cons:


  • Comprehensive coverage options
  • Multiple discount opportunities
  • Strong financial stability
  • Effective claims process
  • User-friendly online services


  • Limited to Florida
  • Premiums may be high
  • Fewer bundling options
  • Some coverage limits
  • Mixed customer reviews

Who Its For: Southern Oak Insurance is ideal for Florida homeowners seeking robust coverage tailored to the unique environmental risks of the state. It suits those who value comprehensive options, dedicated local service, and are looking for specific discounts to lower their insurance costs.

Wrapping Up

Southern Oak Insurance provides comprehensive and specialized coverage for homeowners in Florida, addressing unique challenges like hurricanes and floods with expertise and dedication. If you're a Florida homeowner looking for tailored insurance solutions, consider exploring what Southern Oak has to offer.

However, if you need more personalized guidance or are exploring broader insurance options that could provide additional benefits, Worth Insurance is here to help. Contact Worth Insurance today for a free consultation and quote to see how we can meet your specific needs and ensure you have the best coverage possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best deal I can get through Southern Oak Insurance?

How can you ensure you're getting the best deal on your homeowners insurance with Southern Oak? Explore available discounts and discuss customizing your policy options with an agent to maximize savings.

How can Southern Oak Insurance save me money on premiums?

Learn about various discounts for which you might be eligible, such as those for hurricane mitigation or new roofs, to effectively reduce your premiums with Southern Oak Insurance.

How does Southern Oak Insurance ensure good customer service?

Southern Oak Insurance emphasizes responsive customer support and has mechanisms in place such as a dedicated customer service line and online resources. Ensure good service by utilizing these tools when needed.

How do I find a good agent from Southern Oak Insurance?

To find a reputable agent from Southern Oak Insurance, check reviews and ratings on their website or ask for recommendations from other customers in your area to ensure you receive competent and personalized service.

What should I do if I have a problem with a contractor recommended by Southern Oak Insurance?

If you encounter issues with a contractor recommended by Southern Oak, it's best to report the problem immediately to your agent. They can guide you on the steps needed to resolve the issue or potentially send you alternatives.

What documents should I send to Southern Oak Insurance when filing a claim?

When filing a claim with Southern Oak Insurance, you will need to send detailed documentation of the damage (including photos), a police or fire report if applicable, and any other forms requested by your insurance agent to expedite your claim process.