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TypTap Insurance Company at a Glance

TypTap Insurance is a property and casualty insurance company that was founded in 2016 and is based in Ocala, Florida. They have a 4.3 star rating on Google, but a 1 star customer rating on Better Business Bureau. 

Reviews are mixed, with some customers complaining about high premium rates and poor customer service, and others praising their good homeowners insurance.

Since 2020, TypTap Insurance Company has been looking to expand across several states. 

What Type of Insurance Does TypTap Insurance Company Offer?

TypTap Insurance offers policies for sectors such as homeowners insurance and flood insurance. TypTap Insurance is licensed to provide flood insurance in Florida. The company is a significant player in the Florida home insurance market.

The insurance company encourages people to contact them if they are interested in TypTap’s insurance policies. Unfortunately, this means there is a lack of detailed information online regarding what policies they offer for both homeowners and flood insurance. 

What to Know about TypTap Insurance Company

TypTap Insurance Company is a subsidiary of HCI Group, which is very active in Florida. It offers primarily homeowners and flood insurance policies to its customers. HCI Group is traded under the ticker code of HCI on the New York Stock Exchange. 

TypTap Insurance has been rated to have strong financial stability by Demotech. However, some of the insurance policies have not been finalized yet. The website does not offer much detailed information.

The insurance products appear to be limited, which means that you may miss out on discounts that other insurance companies do offer, such as discounts for multi-policy holders or veterans. 

What Discounts Does TypTap Insurance Company Offer?

TypTap does not publicly show what discounts are available. This is inconvenient to customers, especially those who live in hurricane-prone areas who might want to see if they are eligible for any discounts for taking wind-related protective measures. 

If you are seeking discounts for your insurance from TypTap, it is a good idea to call their customer service. 

TypTap Insurance Company Customer Service

You can contact customer service by calling 844-289-7968 (toll free) or by emailing customerservice@typtap.com. For claims, you can call 844-289-7968, email fnol@typtap.com, or fax 352-533-4073.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is TypTap Insurance Company's average claim response time frame?

While TypTap Insurance states that they have a prompt claims response time, there are numerous complaints about poor customer service from paying customers. It is apparent that some customers have had trouble with getting their claims accepted by the field adjusters. 

What is TypTap Insurance Company's claims process?

TypTap has 24/7 claims reporting. After you contact them by either calling 844-289-7968, emailing fnol@typtap.com, or faxing 352-533-4073, TypTap will review your claim. 

A claims adjuster will then be assigned to you and provide an estimate of the damages. Depending on your coverage details, your claim will be assessed and then closed. 

Does TypTap Insurance Company have good homeowners insurance?

TypTap Insurance Company lacks a lot of details online about their homeowners insurance and flood insurance policies. They may not be the optimal insurance company for you and your family.

What is TypTap Insurance Company's customer service availability?

The claims department may be reached 24/7.

Does TypTap Insurance Company create a user-friendly experience for customers?

The TypTap Insurance website is noticeably lacking in details of what products they offer, making it difficult for potential customers to see whether there is a policy that suits their needs. There are no visible discounts available either. Overall, TypTap Insurance Company seems to create a difficult experience for customers.

Is TypTap Insurance Company a good insurance company?

TypTap seeks to offer flexible and personalized coverage for its policyholders by tailoring coverage depending on each customer’s specific needs and goals. This more technologically advanced way to determine insurance coverage and policy details may be helpful to you if you feel that other insurance companies do not take into account your particular situation.

Looking to the future, TypTap Insurance seems to be aiming to underwrite their own policies and expanding into more states and neighborhoods. However, it is important to have good Florida property insurance so that you are adequately protected from the harsh weather. 

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