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Written by
Darren Craft
Financial Rating
A on Demotech
NAIC Group
Tower Hill Insurance Group
720 NW 11th Place, Gainesville, FL 32605
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Tower Hill Insurance at a Glance

Tower Hill Insurance Group is a homeowners insurance company that is based in Florida and has nearly 50 years of experience. 

Tower Hill Insurance Group has several subsidiaries that you may have heard of, including Tower Hill Prime, Tower Hill Preferred, as well as Tower Hill Signature. Tower Hill Insurance has an A+ and accreditation from Better Business Bureau and is a relatively solid option for homeowners insurance in the Sunshine State. 

What Type of Insurance Does Tower Hill Insurance Offer?

Tower Hill Insurance coverage options include the six forms of standard protective residential and commercial property insurance. It offers Dwelling and Other Structures coverage, Personal Property Insurance, Personal Liability Insurance, Loss of Use and Additional Expenses, and Medical Payments to Others. 

The standard Tower Hill Florida Home Insurance policy also provides catastrophic ground cover collapse coverage. 

If you would like more protection, Tower Hill offers a selection of endorsements so that you can get additional coverage for perishables, fraud, lock replacement, water backup and sump issues, and loss of use due to power outages.

Coverage is only available in Florida.

What to Know about Tower Hill Insurance

Founded in 1972, Tower Hill Insurance Group has a long history of providing insurance to customers. Tower Hill Insurance allows for customizable coverage through endorsements and has a 3.6 star rating on Google reviews and a 3.67 on BBB. 

Note that Tower Hill Prime is preparing to leave the Florida market in 2023. Florida’s property insurance crisis has made it difficult for residents to obtain secure insurance coverage or to renew their current policies. 

Reach out to Worth Insurance to get help with insurance shopping in Florida. We’re here to assist you in getting the best coverage at competitive rates. 

Financial Summary Table

Reporting Period Net Admitted Assets Policyholders Surplus Gross Premiums Written Net Premiums Written
Reporting Period3/31/2022 Net Admitted Assets$239,739,520 Policyholders Surplus$80,586,651 Gross Premiums Written$60,932,558 Net Premiums Written$30,406,882
Reporting Period12/31/2021 Net Admitted Assets$231,240,270 Policyholders Surplus$81,087,631 Gross Premiums Written$231,214,493 Net Premiums Written$46,271,280
Reporting Period12/31/2020 Net Admitted Assets$282,473,562 Policyholders Surplus$112,861,243 Gross Premiums Written$269,479,837 Net Premiums Written$42,934,247

What Discounts Does Tower Hill Insurance Company Offer?

Tower Hill Insurance does not offer many discounts to its customers. Some discounts it may offer you include:

  • Age of roof
  • New home
  • Claims-free
  • Multi-policy

If you are interested in purchasing a policy from Tower Hill Insurance, it may be a good idea to call a representative and see if you are eligible for any discounts. 

Tower Hill Insurance Customer Service

Tower Hill Insurance offers customers a 24/7 portal, making it convenient for customers to access their insurance information and needs. If you need to contact them for non-claims related reasons, they have an online submission form. If you need to file a claim, you can call +1-800-342-3407 or file online via the customer portal. 

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Written by
Darren Craft
Writer, Insurance
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Darren Craft is a licensed insurance advisor. He has been an angel investor in a number of prominent fintech and insurtech startups.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tower Hill Insurance's average claim response time frame?

According to Tower Hill Insurance, a claims representative will reach out to you within one business day after you file your claim. The representative will then give you an estimated time of how long your claim will take to be resolved.

What is Tower Hill Insurance's claims process?

You can file a claim either through their online 24/7 availability customer portal or call them by phone at +1-800-342-3407 for residential property insurance. Once a claim has been filed, you can expect a Tower Hill representative agent to respond to you within one business day. 

Does Tower Hill Insurance have good homeowners insurance?

Tower Hill offers a good amount of standard insurance options and endorsements that can grant you the additional protection you and your family are looking for. The online customer portal makes it easy for.

What is Tower Hill Insurance's customer service availability?

Tower Hill Insurance customer service can be reached through email or phone. Their Contact Page details the company’s various addresses and forms of contact.  

Does Tower Hill Insurance create a user-friendly experience for customers?

Tower Hill Insurance has received a number of complaints from customers who have experienced trouble, such as it being difficult to cancel policies or having their claims accepted. On the other hand, some customers have also reported that the company resolves claims with great kindness and efficiency.

Is Tower Hill Insurance a good insurance company?

Tower Hill Insurance seems to be a solid insurance provider option if you need residential homeowners insurance. However, due to one of the Tower Hill Group’s subsidiaries canceling its policies in Florida and preparing to leave the market, 

Getting a quote for any insurance can be a difficult and uncertain process on your own. Shopping insurance is much easier with an advisor who has your back. You can always connect with our team at Worth Insurance to see whether there are better coverage options for you.