Safe Harbor Insurance Company Review

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A on Demotech
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Ocean Harbor Group
P.O. Box 357965, Gainesville, Fl 32635-7965
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Safe Harbor Insurance Company at a Glance

Safe Harbor Insurance Company is a homeowners insurance carrier based in Florida. Collectively, their founders have more than 150 years of homeowners insurance. The company has an A rating on Demotech in terms of Financial Security Rating. Safe Harbor Insurance Company is administered by Cabrillo Coastal, which is a company that specializes in providing residential property insurance in numerous states. 

What Type of Insurance Does Safe Harbor Insurance Company Offer?

Safe Harbor Insurance Company offers various homeowners products and manufactured home products for insurance. These policies include the HO3 - Homeowners Policy, HO6 - Unit Owners Policy, DP3 - Dwelling Fire Policy, MHO3 - Homeowners Policy, and the MDP1 - Dwelling Fire Policy. 

If you’re looking for insurance coverage, Safe Harbor Insurance mainly provides insurance to Florida property owners. They offer some but not all of these coverage options to homeowners in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Alabama. Safe Harbor is also a market leader in the Florida homeowners insurance market as well.

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What to Know about Safe Harbor Insurance Company

Safe Harbor Insurance Company offers homeowners insurance primarily for the coastal residents of Florida. The company is managed by Cabrillo Coastal General Insurance Agency, LLC., a larger insurance company, which is its strategic partner. 

Many of the features and contact methods that are available on the Safe Harbor Insurance website lead to the Cabrillo Coastal website or emails.  

Reviews online from customers have cited poor customer service for this insurance company. 

What Discounts Does Safe Harbor Insurance Company Offer?

Safe Harbor Insurance does not clarify whether it offers discounts to potential policyholders. If you are interested in its policies, it may be a good idea to ask your Safe Harbor insurance representative whether you are eligible for any discounts so that you can pay a lower premium.

Safe Harbor Insurance Company Customer Service

Customer service regarding claims can be reached by calling 866-482-5246. 

If you would like to file a new claim, you can do so by calling 866-482-5246 or visiting their claim report, which can be found on the website of Cabrillo Coastal here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Safe Harbor Insurance Company's average claim response time frame?

Safe Harbor Insurance’s average claim response time frame is not declared online as the company does not share many details surrounding its claim process. 

What is Safe Harbor Insurance Company's claims process?

Claims can be filed online on their website or by calling 1-866-482-5246 (which is toll free). You may file claims 24/7, 365 days a year. 

The claims process is not made public, which is inconvenient for those who may be interested in filing a claim with Safe Harbor Insurance. Compared to other

Does Safe Harbor Insurance Company have good homeowners insurance?

It is hard to safe whether Safe Harbor Insurance has good insurance for homeowners. While it lists the insurance products it offers online, other important information such as the claim process, history of the company, and more cannot be easily acquired. Safe Harbour Insurance Company appears lacking compared to other companies that detail how the claims process works, what discounts they have, and how they help their customers. 

What is Safe Harbor Insurance Company's customer service availability?

Customer service can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. You can contact the company’s customer service department by phone at 866-482-5246. You can also email at

Does Safe Harbor Insurance Company create a user-friendly experience for customers?

Renewals and installment payments can both be made online via either Mastercard or Visa. While the options are not too plentiful, being able to make payments online is definitely a convenience for customers. 

According to customer reviews online, Safe Harbor Insurance Company has issues with resolving claims and providing adequate customer service. The company is partnered with Cabrillo Coastal General Insurance Agency, which may make it difficult to directly contact Safe Harbor Insurance representatives. 

Is Safe Harbor Insurance Company a good insurance company?

Safe Harbor Insurance Company offers a variety of homeowners insurance policies, but the company itself may not be the most competitive. The company does not appear to be the most customer friendly or transparent, even though the founders do collectively have 150 years of insurance experience.

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